Become an Healthcare Automation and Digitalisation Congress speaker and showcase your digital leadership in the healthcare industry. An AUTOMA+ speaker has expertise and knowledge in the healthcare automation & digitalisation and exclusive case studies or innovative projects. As an AUTOMA+ speaker, you will be seen as a thought leader in front of a high-level audience within an interactive environment.

We made a video with tips for the speakers who want to master the presentation skills

This format is for you if:

  • you want to present your digital solutions or cases in front of healthcare industry leaders
  • you have new research, exclusive case studies, the latest digital technologies to present for the healthcare industry
  • you are good at public speaking
  • you are ready and allowed to answer the questions connected to your project

Useful to achieve the following business goals:

  • Find partners and investors for projects
  • Present a successful digital health-related case study
  • Introduce active or planned projects

Register as a speaker

As a speaker you will have an opportunity to deliver the speech in one of the sessions. Please note that before the registration you need to check the availability of the speaker slots and confirm the topic of your presentation with the Project director of the Congress. To get this information please fill in the form below.

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